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June 26 2017



can someone help a disabled girl out n order an online gift card to a grocery store please no one gets money for 4 days and idk what to do lol and even then my whole whopping 125$ check is taken up


my email is danyelleliz@yahoo.com


Guys pls I need food lol

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Gorillaz Quotes

(please do not reupload without my permission)




the 8th deadly sin, gaming

gaming is a combination of greed (gamer money), gluttony (potion and munch), envy (friend gets epic loot and you don’t), wrath (nerd rage), sloth (all day gaming), lust (titty game), and pride (epic accomplishment)

gaming is not the 8th sin, it’s all of them

holy shit… signal boost

June 25 2017

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I love that Ubisoft’s response to the racist white man pain mess that was Watch Dogs was by giving WD2 a black male lead. But then when racists got angry, Ubisoft put wearable blm merch in-game, added playable buff female characters and black vikings to For Honor, diversified their roster in Rainbow Six Siege, made their newest Assassin’s Creed games take place in China and Egypt, and made Far Cry 5 be about beating up white supremacists.

Conspiracy Theory: Ubisoft Was Killed And Replaced By A Look Alike

Whatever demons Ubisoft inhabited exited into Bioware.


Taylor Swift is the kind of person who would send herself anon hate for attention but forget to turn anon off and then gets exposed on tumblr so she deletes her blog 



banning the star of david pride flag from a march due to your anti-zionist leanings is wrong on so many levels, not to mention the fact that it buys in to the narrative that apartheid israel somehow has the sole claim on jewish identity, which it wants you to think it does.

if somebody wants to wield an israeli flag at an explicitly anti-zionist pride march then yeah, tell them to take a hike, but equating the star of david with the actions of an apartheid state is no better than equating the muslim moon and star with the saudi monarchy. incredibly short-sighted.

just saying, the inability of radical leftists to differentiate between jewish identity and zionism continues to be incredibly harmful to jewish leftists and palestinians alike. apartheid israel doesn’t own the star of david for christ’s sake.

Me When I'm Still Able To Drink the Milk That's Been in My Pocket While I Slept for Seven Years


There were so many captions to choose from. 


muslim women who wear the veil in white supremacist countries are more radical than your undercut

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imagine being so pathetic you comment some shit like “op is a terf” on someone’s wedding photos. ruthless savages tbh

Imagine being so pathetic that you’re a terf.

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October 27th 2017 is gonna be a hell of a day

Mario’s gonna roll up in a tank mowing down a horde of Nazis.

you fool, mario is the tank


I be checking my phone like I mean something to somebody lmao


who has time for mystery in relationships? in this economy? no ma'am, let’s be honest and direct with each other.

June 24 2017

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Black People have been learning “respect” for generations of jim crow… I hate this. This is how systemic oppression starts. Normalizing the actions of police with CHILDREN. In school.


And it’s utter bullshit because Philando didn’t call his murderer a pig. Tamir didn’t spit spit at his killer. Black children are already given the “be respectful and you won’t die” speech. We are already taught that.




Noah fence but y'all white people want to talk about colonialism like its ancient history but the current queen of England was literally already queen when my dad was a kid and Trinidad was an English colony and he was beaten in missionary school by his white teachers for speaking Hindi and refusing to convert to Christianity

Like my great grandparents, some of whom I knew and were alive in my lifetime were freaking indentured servants

Like if u dnt know what that is, it’s the system that the British created after they abolished slavery to get cheap Labor to the colonies (it didn’t just happen to Indians but that’s the narrative of my ancestors so that’s what I’ll talk about)

They promised some labourers free passage to and from India if they agreed to go to the colonies and work on the plantations in order to fund the British economy and some Indians they just plain stole like my great grandma arrived in Trinidad with no husband and a baby on her hip and spoke no English and had to live in an old hut that once housed slaves and performed the backbreaking work of cutting sugar cane in the hot sun all day with her baby with no compensation

And thousands of Indians had a similar narrative only to have it turn out that the promise of return to India was a false one that the Brits never intended to keep like the Brits exploited their labor for nothing more than empty promises

I have no idea what ethnics groups I belong to, I speak little more than kitchen Hindi that I picked up from speaking to my great grandparents who knew no English, I know little about my culture or family’s religion, and I could have family in India/Pakistan/Kashmir that I will never know anything about

I feel the phantom limb of India every day of my life

Fuck all y'all who pretend that colonialism was far in the past and that none of us feel its aftershocks today

I’ve only had two white people comment something ignorant on this post and I am pleasantly surprised

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