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May 23 2018

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So between the white woman who called the cops on a black family having a BBQ in a park, the white man threatening to call ICE in nyc on Latina women for speaking Spanish, and a white woman literally yelling for the cops while screaming “gun!” on a black man for making a u turn in their neighborhood should educate us all that white people are realizing that institutional racism is real but they are using it for their own white supremacist social benefit.

They are calling for the authorities knowing that the cops will take their side and will either arrest or murder people of color for simply being seen or heard.

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We’re literally doomed



I still stand my opinion that Thundercats Roar is terribly ugly but I love how the Hottest Take of the Day is that the show is somehow toxic anti-masculinity because Lion-O is goofy and Cheetara isn’t sexualized anymore.

Like people are literally calling it “Soycats”





Oh my god he really looks like That

Here are some gems from the article:

That he responded to a 10-minute bit mocking him with “it means ‘barrel-maker,’ an honorable profession” makes me believe that Mullaney was 98 to 100% accurate.

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Why is this even a problem? If you need more citizens, take in more immigrants or refugees. It’s not like America has a shortage of either wanting to come in. If you can’t make your own citizens, imported is fine.

How Millenials are killing the baby industry

“If you can’t make your own citizens, imported is fine.”

we import everything else already

May 22 2018


when your therapist says “you wanna know what I think?” and you know you’re about to be read for filth



Pull me into a bathroom at a party and tell me how bad you want me. Then fuck me.

Me, outside the bathroom waiting for these two to stop fucking so I can pee:

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Cinematic Parallels

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ah yes, the four main food groups: chinese takeaway, coffee, carbohydrates, and pussy

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can someone caption this? I cant read all of them

1) “Levi’s uses abrasive blasting, killing workers" 

2) “New Look uses sweatshops”

 3) “River Island pays its workers half the minimum wage" 

4) “H&M uses slave labour" 

5) “H&M uses sweatshops”

6) “Asos uses sweatshops”

7) “Bershka - owned by Inditex - uses child labour”

8) “Stradivarius- owned by Inditex - uses child labour" 

9) “Mango - 1135 dead in the Savar building collapse”

A lot of people in the notes are getting real defensive while missing the point of the post. For one thing, no where on this post does it tell you not to shop at these places or that youre a bad person if you do. The post is about showing the hypocrisy of these brands emptily co-opting social justice movements for profit, something extremely rampant right now. Its an information post. Its an attack on the corporations, not the individual.

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