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August 07 2017

FBI: ‘IED caused explosion’ at Bloomington mosque; Muslim groups offer $10k rewards for answers – Twin Cities



A mosque was bombed this morning (August 5th). Luckily no injuries were sustained and the people preparing for their morning prayers were able to put out the fires before it got out of hand, but they’re looking for help and their GoFundMe is here. Please donate if you can, if not, please signal boost. 

[GoFundMe Currently:
$25,547 of $95k goal]

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Guys im crying my little sister made a waluigi mii years ago but she didnt know how to spell it and now it looks like a shitpost

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Reposting is fucking evil.


I saw this while browsing tags and I liked it; I checked on it later to reblog and saw that it was tagged “not mine”

So I went to find the original. Turns out that it belongs to mydreammagic on deviantART.

If you look at the repost, it has 331 notes. Wanna see how much the original got? 

5 favorites. The one comment is me telling the artist that someone stole their work. 

Oh, and the reposter? They have a tipjar, as if they worked for this. 

Reposting hurts artists. Reposting takes exposure and attention away from artists. Reposting is theft.

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By poorly drawn cats

June 26 2017



can someone help a disabled girl out n order an online gift card to a grocery store please no one gets money for 4 days and idk what to do lol and even then my whole whopping 125$ check is taken up


my email is danyelleliz@yahoo.com


Guys pls I need food lol

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Gorillaz Quotes

(please do not reupload without my permission)




the 8th deadly sin, gaming

gaming is a combination of greed (gamer money), gluttony (potion and munch), envy (friend gets epic loot and you don’t), wrath (nerd rage), sloth (all day gaming), lust (titty game), and pride (epic accomplishment)

gaming is not the 8th sin, it’s all of them

holy shit… signal boost

June 25 2017

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I love that Ubisoft’s response to the racist white man pain mess that was Watch Dogs was by giving WD2 a black male lead. But then when racists got angry, Ubisoft put wearable blm merch in-game, added playable buff female characters and black vikings to For Honor, diversified their roster in Rainbow Six Siege, made their newest Assassin’s Creed games take place in China and Egypt, and made Far Cry 5 be about beating up white supremacists.

Conspiracy Theory: Ubisoft Was Killed And Replaced By A Look Alike

Whatever demons Ubisoft inhabited exited into Bioware.


Taylor Swift is the kind of person who would send herself anon hate for attention but forget to turn anon off and then gets exposed on tumblr so she deletes her blog 



banning the star of david pride flag from a march due to your anti-zionist leanings is wrong on so many levels, not to mention the fact that it buys in to the narrative that apartheid israel somehow has the sole claim on jewish identity, which it wants you to think it does.

if somebody wants to wield an israeli flag at an explicitly anti-zionist pride march then yeah, tell them to take a hike, but equating the star of david with the actions of an apartheid state is no better than equating the muslim moon and star with the saudi monarchy. incredibly short-sighted.

just saying, the inability of radical leftists to differentiate between jewish identity and zionism continues to be incredibly harmful to jewish leftists and palestinians alike. apartheid israel doesn’t own the star of david for christ’s sake.

Me When I'm Still Able To Drink the Milk That's Been in My Pocket While I Slept for Seven Years


There were so many captions to choose from. 


muslim women who wear the veil in white supremacist countries are more radical than your undercut

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imagine being so pathetic you comment some shit like “op is a terf” on someone’s wedding photos. ruthless savages tbh

Imagine being so pathetic that you’re a terf.

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October 27th 2017 is gonna be a hell of a day

Mario’s gonna roll up in a tank mowing down a horde of Nazis.

you fool, mario is the tank


I be checking my phone like I mean something to somebody lmao

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