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November 18 2017

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I was so fucking torn between these two answers

Pentagon Says It's Staying In Syria, Even Though ISIS Appears Defeated









Who better to prevent ISIS 2.0 than the same people who brought you ISIS?

refresher: isis sprang from al Qaeda in Iraq and al Qaeda “inadvertently” [as far as the CIA is concerned] gained funds from the CIA in operation cyclone the CIA will outright deny they helped create al Qaeda, but it is very clear when you follow the paper trail they had a hand in it even in what they do admit. you can do the research yourself though.

More recently than that, the State Department was funding & funelling arms to anti-Assad groups in Syria who if not affiliated with Al Qaeda/IS were at least cooperative.

heres a source that proves the state department was doing this funding, it was the first one i could find, it just happens to be about trump stopping funding, [which is proof the funding for it existed in the first place] 

but again, you can do your own research to see the CIA absolutely had a hand in the creation of these groups.

not to mention that the CIA supplied the Mujahideen, the predecessor of the Taliban, with weapons and combat training as a means to prevent the USSR from invading Afghanistan.

clearly states here the CIA supplied the Mujahideen again, you can do your own research but i have provided links to back up all these claims

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November 17 2017


in like 5th grade my whole family was driving home from some trip and i was listening to “kids with guns” by the gorillaz on my ipod and it made me feel really rebellious because i was a kid and according to that song kids have guns so when we drove into the garage my dad was like “ok we’re home” and i said “shut up dad” and he just looked at me for a long time and didn’t say anything and i started crying





*hits the blunt* yugioh was propaganda because the season they opened the anime with in the US started by making you pity yugi for losing his exodia cards in like, the second episode i think it was. basically this fuck has a huge unfair advantage over everyone else in the world and is planning to use it to win a cash tournament. but you’re supposed to feel bad for him when he loses that advantage and ends up on an even playing field because the cards are “his property”. exodia is capital and yugi moto is the bourgeoisie

and kids are meant to think “wow id hate it if i had exodia and i lost it. i could have exodia someday so for some reason i empathize with that situation” it’s literally capital

Luke ur literally misreading this entire fucking thing cuz kaiba is literally a fucking CEO and he’s the villain. this show is anticapitalist…yugi losing the exodia cards is actually about how the proletariat loses the true value of their labor under the surplus theory of value

ok listen up though yugi literally gets possessed by the spirit of a pharaoh and inherited the exodia cards from his grandfather they are clearly a metaphor for the divine right of kings under feudalism and weevil is the bourgeois revolutionaries overthrowing feudalism. only joey wheeler, the true hero of the proletariat, can

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excuse me but what the fuck

does shadow have a giant mallet? I THINK THE FUCK NOT

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1) guy with the red shirt and the flowing, shining black hair can get it any damn time,

2) is the guy like three down from the top WEIRD AL?

LOL yes! These are all great but the Weird Al one absolutely killed me

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I was in a mall with my friend and then suddenly his watch started beeping and I asked him why he had an alarm set for 3:00 and he told me that it was because it was Wendy’s time. Immediately after, we found a Wendy’s and when we walked in, all the employees were chanting “Wendy’s time” and it sure was something.

sometimes i worry about the people on this website and their weird experiences and then i notice their username

November 16 2017


i’m so tired of pedophiles thinking they have any right to live





In cars two at the airport the cars have to go through tsa checks and take off their wheels and stuff which implies the cars Universe had a 9/11

Wait. Oh my god. But planes are sentient in the cars universe. Did cars hijack the plane or did the planes fly themselves.

Nobody knows

Buddy they have car pope. A car jesus died on a car cross and we’re worried if car bush did car 9/11

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when ur hardcore venting to someone in one chat and shitposting in another




i sleep nude because if someone ever breaks into my house they gotta fight me while im naked and i dare you to try and swing on a nigga when his dick is out

You are grade A guarenteed to get yourself hurt with this mindset? You think I’m afraid to grab a dick and yank it, bruh? You think I won’t get my hands dirty on your dick in order to end you? You got the wrong one, man—and your ass better hope I don’t have a knife.


do you know how cute i would be if i had more money 

November 15 2017


Honestly the closer we get to 2018 the less chill I am about the whole thing. 2018 sounds like we’re living in a fucking sci fi novel. It sounds completely fake. And then it’s on to 2020s like????? That’s completely impossible and I don’t believe you.




imagine feeling the need to say all this in your gaia signature

imagining a 30 year old man giggling over being an asshole on the internet will forever be excruciating to me

“i have a girl avatar for creative reasons.” is the saddest thing i had to read today

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This is Pyo. He let’s me do anything to him because he’s a sweet baby. He purrs even when I make him wear the jester collar.



What the fuck is the mood tonight folks

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